Gallery 1028, Chicago Wedding
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Gallery 1028, Chicago Wedding

Gallery 1028 is one of our favorite wedding venues in Chicago! A blank canvas site, it is ideal for any type of wedding as the décor can be arranged in a way that suits you best. American, European, Jewish, Indian- we have pretty much seen all of them in this one unique venue.

In the above picture you can see our clients during hora- a traditional Jewish dance in which the newly married couple is lifted up on chairs.

Gallery 1028 located on the Goose Island is a raw urban space that provides a cozy, intimate setting for your wedding ceremony.

The venue provides 6500 sq. ft. of transformable space, exposed brick, hardwood, 16' vaulted ceilings and 6 large windows on the east wall.

We love its warm and cozy interior as well as wonderful service that the venue provides. Blank canvas venues offer a wonderful opportunity to transform the space to reflect your dream wedding setting. After all, you are the best visionary of what perfect means to you.

Location: 1028 N Hooker St, Chicago, IL 60642