Traditional Indian wedding in Chicago
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Traditional Indian wedding in Chicago

Living and working in a city as diverse and cosmopolitan as Chicago gives us wonderful opportunities to work with couples of different cultural and ethnical backgrounds.

We always welcome such opportunities with curiosity and excitement. It has been a remarkable learning experience for us to get to know other cultures and their unique wedding traditions.

In the above picture you can see a very candid image of the bride during mala badal- a traditional Hindu ceremony of unity. The ceremony is not just the meeting of two souls, but also a union of two families, a merge of traditions, values and customs that make the entire wedding complete.

Indian wedding ceremonies are long and elaborate, rich in customs and traditions unique to this culture.

As photographers we love the colors, richness and dynamic of Indian weddings. From beautiful wedding gowns through amazing ceremonies, we are so immersed that we find it hard to put our cameras down even for a second.