Darlington House Groom Portraits
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Capturing groom and groomsmen portraits is as equally important as photographing the bride and bridesmaids. Josh and his groomsmen spent the morning pampering their beards, sipping on beer and relaxing before the party started.

This is the speakeasy style suite upstairs. It's perfectly masculine with lots of welcoming natural light. The iconic wall paper is a fantastic backdrop for this manly-man group.

When photographing the groom and groomsmen, we always provide a lot of guided posing. No matter how much guidance we provide, there is always some improvising going on in the group.

As you can see, these men are full of personality and they are just bursting to show it in the photographs.

Here are some helpful tips for the groom and groomsmen while getting ready:

  1. Keep the room clean! Designate a small space for your belongings and make sure everyone keeps there stuff in one place.
  2. Lay out all of your details you plan to wear such as cuff links, tie, and shoes. This makes it easier for when the photographer arrives.
  3. DO NOT give your groomsmen gifts until the photographer gets there!
  4. WAIT to open YOUR gift until you are dressed and photo ready.
  5. Get dressed earlier to have more photos with your groomsmen. This also gives you more time to relax before the ceremony or first look.