Darlington House La Jolla Wedding
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Darlington House La Jolla Wedding

This historic and charming house has the ultimate cozy chic wedding vibes. This mansion is smacked dabbed in the middle of La Jolla, walking distance to the beach.

Darlington House can be a one stop place on your wedding day. The house has stunning rooms on the second floor for the wedding party to get ready together or separate.

One of the getting ready rooms is very chic and feminine. It has a lot of natural light and light wallpaper. There is also a balcony that overlooks the Egyptian Patio which is normally the wedding ceremony site.

The other getting ready room is more dark with gold accents. There's a cool leather couch and other seating awesome for photographs.

The two rooms have a door that can be opened up if desired.

The Egyptian Patio which can accommodate up to 125 guests is the prime choice to have the ceremony. You can walk down the aisle starting from the house and onto the paved brick aisle.

The Rose Garden is just behind the Egyptian patio and can accommodate up to 200 guests. This is typically where the reception party is held afterwards.

There's also a cute library on the side of the house. This is a great area to set up a signature drink or two and host the cocktail hour. The library is also a great spot in case it happens to rain!

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Location: Darlington House: 7441 Olivetas Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037.