Why Getting Ready Photos Are Critical
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A complete story includes a beginning and an end. Imagine selecting your photographs for your wedding album with missing pieces to your wedding puzzle.

Photographers Are Storytellers

As photographers, it is our duty to capture the story as it unravels. Once we've photographed your wedding, we deliver the finished product of a wedding album. That wedding album is crafted to outlive you and live on to tell your love story for future generations.

Details Are Important

In the above photograph, Tim is fixing his bow tie. There is a story here. He and his now wife Katrina are Captains of Destroyer ships. The cuff links that Tim is wearing are a big representation of what they do.

His cuff links represent two international maritime signal flags. The purpose of these flags is to communicate with other ships. There are international codes of signals and there are flag codes.

Small Details Play Larger Part

The small details play a larger role in the storytelling sequence. Their wedding album would not be telling the same story if we were not there for their getting ready moments.

During the preparation so many interesting stories and wonderful details are shared with us. People share because they want the small details documented.

Whats The Point

At the end of the day, if you are wondering whether to include your photographer in your getting ready process, the answer is YES!

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