La Jolla California Romantic Sunset Portrait
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Moments like this sunset and the perfect kiss really feed our photography souls. The sun was setting fast, there were trucks and cars in the background and we had literal seconds to think fast in this moment.

Carrie and Josh had their ceremony and reception at Darlington House. Check out our Darlington House page to find out more about this beautiful venue. During the end of cocktail hour, the golden hour was approaching. We quickly spoke with the wedding planner and convinced her to let us steal Carrie and Josh for literally 10 minutes. If you would like more information about reception timeline to have time for everything please read our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Reception Timeline article.

We were all running towards the ocean trying to race with the sun that was setting fast! It was clear that we weren't going to make it down to the ocean.

In situations like this, a true professional photographer has to think fast and figure out what to do in the environment they have.

There were cars and trucks parked all down the street. It was not a pretty view. With the proper lighting and photography equipment, our team was able to capture the beautiful moment and environment in under 5 minutes!

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Location: La Jolla, California.