Milagro Winery Wedding
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Milagro Winery Wedding

Milagro winery is beautiful wedding venue located just East of Ramona in Southern California. The location of the winery is pretty remote from other houses and gravel road will take you there. The wedding venue is just to side of the actual winery.

Milagro Winery wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests for your weddings. Preparation, ceremony, portraits, and reception can all take place at this picturesque venue. This venue includes plenty of picturesque locations, small lake with a wooden dock, gardens, boulders.


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Getting ready places

For getting ready there are two places - a unique wine cave made of our stones. The stone walls keep the temperature cool. Either bride+bridesmaids or groom+groomsmen can get ready in the cave. The cave features stylish wooden entry doors and is located just next to the outdoor reception area.

The second location for getting ready is a small cottage house located next to the outdoor ceremony lawn. Because of its proximity to the ceremony spot it's probably easier for the bride to get read there. However, this cottage house is really tiny and it would hard to do the whole preparation there. We recommend renting room(s) in a nearby hotel (such as Rancho Bernardo Inn) and come to the cottage house just for the final preparation steps.

Ceremony Site

The ceremony site is an open lawn by a gorgeous tree with incredible spread of branches. This wedding ceremony space is simply beautiful and the tree during some time of the day provide pleasant shade. The site is pretty spacious to accommodate all the guests, sound, speakers, and even larger wedding parties.

Portrait Locations

We love photographing weddings at Milagro Winery because of so many beautiful locations to create beautiful wedding portraits. Milagro Winery provides electric carts to move around the venue so we don't waste time walking plus it's so much better for the couple to stay cool in the cart vs walking from one spot to another.

More classic portraits by the massive tree at the ceremony spot is a good start and great spot for family portraits as well.

The second spot we love is the little lake. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous weeping willows that makes all the portraits even more romantic.

Then of course we have the variety of boulders in various spot at the venue. There are many ways to include them in the photographs. It also depends how adventurous you are to climb some of them.

One of the signature looks of the Milagro Winery is the winery house located just next door to the reception outdoor spot. The house is covered with vines to complete this European French or Italian Mediterranean look. The house is pretty small and is usually used for caterers to prepare meals, deserts, coffee, or buffer.

Another treasure are the actual grape fields short cart drive from the reception spot. The fields include truly breathtaking views. We recommend going there just before the sunset for some amazing colors combined with spectacular California views.

Reception Site

The reception spot is right between the Wine Cave and the Winery House. There is also a stone wall on the 3rd side. It has nice concrete floor so it's easy to dance on:) The reception site has also nice market lights that add warm atmosphere in the evening.

The reception area is spacious enough to accommodate a photobooth and any other additional reception activities.

Milagro Winery offers only outdoor ceremony and reception areas. So there is really no plan B option in case of rain. The wine cave is enclosed but it does not have any windows and it's rather small so it cannot be considered as an alternative for wedding ceremony and reception.

Due to local ordinance for outdoor event weddings at Milagro Winery have to be over at 10pm.


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Location: Milagro Winery 18750 Littlepage Rd, Ramona, CA 92065.