San Diego Sunset Cliffs Wedding
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San Diego Sunset Cliffs Wedding

Sunset Cliffs just as the name suggests, is the spot to come at sunset. It's a natural cliffs park in the Point Loma neighborhood. Sunset Cliffs Blvd is a residential area on one side and cliff on the other. You might even be lucky enough to spot California gray whales migrating from Bering Sea to Baja California and back.


There is free street parking along with small parking lots. It does get tricky at sunset to find a parking spot as this is a hot spot to come during that time. As long as you are up for some walking, you can park on one of the side streets to avoid traffic. Or you can be aggressive and hunt for a spot on Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

Sunrise or Sunset?

No two sunsets are the same. Some of the best and photo-worthy sunsets occur on a cooler day with some fluffy clouds floating around. It's typically cooler by the Pacific ocean and there is a cool breeze most of the evenings. It's not recommended to come to Sunset Cliffs at sunrise because on most days it's gloomy and lots of cloud coverage not leaving much of an opportunity for a dramatic sunrise.


If you are planning to visit this place purely for photos or a very small and intimate ceremony, there is no permit required. Since this is a pretty popular location, be prepared that the cliffs will be crowded. Luckily, the cliffs stretch along a good few blocks that covers 68-acres. There are passages to get closer down to the ocean at some of the parts but be ready for exercise as it involves some climbing.

Sunset Cliffs Park at Ladera Street

If you are interested to actually get married at sunset cliffs, a permit is required. You can get application information here. Keep in mind that you can have no more than 50 guests. The section at the Ladera Street intersection is where you can get a permit to get married. Keep in mind that you and your guests will still have to find street parking and there are no restrooms around.

Venues Located on or near Sunset Cliffs Blvd

  • The Inn At Sunset Cliffs: This is a newer venue that opened up in 2017. They can accommodate up to 115 guests. This is a more intimate space with 24 rooms available. They have the largest deck in the entire US western coastline that was inspired by Santorini, Greece. On a clear day with high visibility, there are scenic views of La Jolla that you and your guests will appreciate.
  • The Thursday Club: A historic building that was built in 1927 in with Spanish style architecture and unique ocean views.

Location: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA 92107.