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Wedding Sweeter than Christmas

9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

You wake up extra early, put on your festive holiday robe and reindeer slippers; and skip down the stairs. The smell of fresh pine fills your nostrils. Your happy spirit is quickly dampened by the fact that there are no presents under your Christmas tree. Questionable thoughts begin to fill your head. Why did Santa skip my house? Was the Chimney not good enough for him? Did we make the naughty list? Seconds pass and suddenly your doorbell rings. You peak out the window and see your wedding photographer on your front porch. Your disappointment in Santa is quickly washed over with the joy to see your wedding photographer hand delivering your wedding album to your doorstep. Christmas morning was saved! Imagine how the morning would’ve gone if you never hired a wedding photographer in the first place. Here are 9 reasons wedding photography is sweeter than Christmas morning.

1. Gifts break but photos are forever

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Darlington-house-bride-portrait-loubutin-shoes-red-soles 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

Around Christmas time, we are personally reminded on how powerful photographs are. Sitting around the warm chimney with family, my father in law brings out a rectangular box. This box contains some family heirlooms. One of the most special ones are a wedding photograph of his grandmother. Looking at the photo, we all gaze at my sister in law. The woman in the wedding photo is an exact replica of her. So many stories arise from just this one wedding photo that is over 120 years old. Now imagine that in 100 years, your family will be gathering together for the holidays and looking over your wedding album. Did you know that the handcrafted Italian albums we offer are archival quality? Archival means that the quality of the photo will hold for at least 100 years. Do you think that this same family that will gather 100 years later to view your wedding album will also have your 2018 latest Christmas gadget gift to look back at?

2. Holidays are annual, your wedding is only once

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-san-diego-ceremony 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningEach year family photos are taken for or around the holiday season. We document us getting older and the happiness of growing families. I’m sure 99% of you throw out the holiday greeting photos you receive in the mail because you can expect something similar next year. Weddings are different. This is a time that a couple becomes one and their love is celebrated and documented through photography. From personal experience, when I look back at my wedding album, I am reminded of the feelings I experienced on that day when I said I do. I can’t imagine not having a wedding album to look back at. Magically, time on a wedding day seems to be fast forwarded and it goes by in an instance. We want to indulge in and remember every single moment and detail of a wedding. With such a big and special occasion happening in your life, how could you not hire a wedding photographer to capture all of the sweetness?

3. Holiday drama is real while wedding drama is magically unplugged

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-outdoor-ceremony 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningWith so many people gathering together for the holidays, it is easy for drama and chaos to be born. Maybe you got a wrong gift or accidentally got a matching ugly Christmas sweater with another family member. A lot can go wrong during the holidays and Christmas morning. Fortunately, on a wedding day, it is common for drama and grudges to be put on hold or even magically erased and forgotten. Let’s say for example your grandmother and aunt haven’t talked in over 10 years and terribly dislike each other. All of a sudden, you see both your grandmother and aunt getting down on the dance floor having the time of their lives. You need this special moment documented! When people see a professional photographer on the wedding day, it somehow magically brings people together to put their arms around one another and smile to the camera. I assure you that you wouldn’t see your grandmother and aunt that have a grudge breaking it down and dancing around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. We’ve witnessed so much of family drama unplugged for the wedding day and it’s such a treat to be the ones to document everyone coming together.

4. Holiday photos (the cheesier the better) versus wedding photos (timeless)

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Darlington-House-La-Jolla-portrait-sunset 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningWedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-plaid-family-photo 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

Of course we all get a kick out of funny and cute holiday photos. This year Yaneck and I died of laughter looking at all of the online photos of kids screaming in Santa’s laps as well as photographing our annual mini holiday sessions. There is an obvious less amount of stress that goes into taking family photos versus wedding photos. This year one of the couple’s we photographed (Carrie & Josh), put an extreme amount of thought and effort into planning all of the details and decor of their wedding. We had countless amounts of meetings to make sure that we capture it all. We always have to make sure we are on top of our game to make sure our couples are happy. This same couple, Carrie and Josh, wanted their holiday photos taken. They totally put a lot of effort into bringing their family vision together with wearing matching plaid. With holiday photos an extra amount of cheese is needed for the cheesiness that we try to avoid in wedding photos. When they receive their wedding album, it will be something they will look over every anniversary and pass down to their kids. Their hilarious holiday photo will make for a great social media profile picture and will pop up on their memories on social media. Holiday photos and wedding photos are of two different calibers.

5. Turn your wedding photo into a holiday greeting card

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Patrick-Haley-Mansion-bride-groom-portrait 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningI personally think this is a genius idea! Use one of your favorite wedding photos as a holiday greeting card. This is a great way to celebrate you and your partner becoming one and showcasing your new last name. If you accidentally forgot to send thank you cards, your wedding holiday greeting card will automatically eliminate any thank you grudges people may have been brewing up. This is a perfect combination of the holidays meeting professional wedding photography. Your wedding holiday greeting card will KILL any JCPenney holiday cards being sent (100% guaranteed).

6. Wedding photos make the perfect holiday gift

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Darlington-House-La-Jolla-California-groomsmen-portrait 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningThat’s right! You can love Christmas and your wedding photos all at the same time. Remember how we mentioned in the above points the importance of timeless heirloom photos? You will be taking plenty of family photos on your wedding day. Gifting the family photos to your family members will be the perfect gift for them. We offer so many different printing options from painterly fine art prints to acrylic blocks that can be put on a desk. We have so many couples that order different types of family prints to gift to family members. You can even order parent albums and surprise your parents. Photos with such strong meaning make the perfect holiday gift! Make sure to order with your photographer in advance to receive the prints in time for the holidays.

7. Holiday gifts can be disappointing but your wedding photos will be uplifting

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Persian-wedding-traditional-dance 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningThe holidays are annual. Sometimes the gifts you receive are a home run while other times you can’t wait to be invited to a white elephant party to ethically eliminate that ugly shower coffee caddy. Despite how disappointing your gifts will be, your wedding photos will always be there to put a smile on your face. Getting married is one of the most emotional experiences in most peoples lives. Looking back at your wedding photos, you won’t remember the minor screw ups that happened. You will be reminded of the amazing feelings you had that day for your partner and all of the love from your friends and family. I love sitting down and looking with Yaneck at our wedding album. Our album always sparks some stories and puts us in a cheerful mood.

8. Every culture has some kind of wedding tradition

Unfortunately or fortunately, Christmas is not celebrated by everyone. For some people, December is just another month not any different from let’s say March. That means that Christmas morning is just an ordinary day. Unlike Christmas morning, getting married is a thing in most cultures. In the last 10 years, we have photographed a countless number of weddings and they all have their own traditions, some where the whole wedding was in a different language, while others have a more familiar setup. Doesn’t matter what kind of wedding it was, it is always a happy occasion that brings the closest people into one place to come together and celebrate.

9. A Christmas wedding

Wedding-photography-sweeter-than-christmas-morning-Darlington-House-New-Years-Theme 9 Reasons Wedding Photography is Sweeter Than Christmas MorningIf the last 8 points somehow didn’t convince you that wedding photography is sweeter than Christmas morning…then maybe you should consider having a Christmas wedding and experience the best of both worlds! Imagine the AMAZING Christmas wedding decor potential for your wedding. Would you want Santa to marry you? You could get away with a lot more things if you have a Christmas wedding. Which family members and friends would be on your good list? Breaking the news to the naughty ones will be easy. If you are a Christmas lover like me, then this is a perfect idea. Please hire us for your Christmas wedding so we could also experience the combination of Christmas morning and wedding photography coming together as one.

We will be more than happy to photograph your wedding! Please contact us here for more information.