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Los Angeles Product Photography

Our specialties include electronics, bottles, beauty products, tools, clothing, bags, shoes, and many others.

If you are looking for an experience Los Angeles & Orange County product photographer we may be the best choice. Our studio in located in Irvine but we can easily photograph on location if required. We will work with you to provide proper estimate that will give you the best results at the best price. We work against a shot list that we can help prepare. This allows us to give you accurate estimate and avoid unexpected costs.

Where you a small, medium or large size business and needs just few photos of your initial product or thousands SKUs to be photographed we will deliver top quality, easy cooperation and best value thanks to the great price we will quote you.

Products we photograph

We have experience photographing a variety of products such as jewelry, watches, beauty products (lipstick, make up, powders, mascara), shoes, electronics, books, toys (dolls, mascots, teddy bears, puzzles), kitchen appliances, and photography accessories. We are prepared and experienced in photographing simple and complex products with any type of surface - from glossy & shiny to matte.

Location of Product Sessions

Our studio is located in Irvine, right off I-405 at Culver exit. Most often we photograph products in our studio. If your requirements or preference are for us to come over to your location this is an option as well.

Some companies decide to simply send us the products directly to our studio. We then photograph them in our studio and send them to you either through UPS or FedEx.

Products photographed for Web Sites

Products photographed for web sites are either used on Amazon or your Commerce site. Those product photographs need to be done efficiently. Most important though they must be consistent for each product even they are shot through multiple sessions.

We have extensive experience photographing standard looks for products. If you company has special requirements we will adhere to them and product photos that meet your guidelines.

Clean Backgrounds

When photographing products for web sites and eCommerce most of our clients decide to use clean seamless backgrounds, such as white, black or some level of gradient.

Those clean backgrounds even though seam to be easiest require deep professional photography knowledge for the products to look realistic on those seamless backgrounds. We don't want the products to just look cut out and out on a white digital file. Good clean background still require for the product to realistically look laying on that background/floor.

We also have experience photographing products in more life style environments. Those type of product photos are great for marketing usage on your web site, promotional materials, and social media advertisement such as Facebook or Instagram.

Best Choice

Finding the right product photographer may be a daunting task as there are many photographers and options. As WASIO photography we have over 10 years of professional photography experience and deliver best results to our clients. We are recognized in photography industry as experts with some of the top companies inviting us to be their ambassador. We have received Master of Photography from Professional Photographers of America - the biggest and oldest photography organization in the US.


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